Seswin ar gyfer canolradd | Intermediate Sessions

Dewysiwch yr sesiynau ‘dych chi eisiau mynychi, neu tallwch am y pum sesiwn i gyd a chael gostyngiad o 20%

Intermediate sessions are intended for children who have some experience of competitive cycling and are looking to take their skills to the next level. They are aimed at children aged 8-11. The main objective is that the kids have a load of fun while learning skills beyond basic bike handling. The session is an hour long and starts at 11.00am.

The focus of the sessions is on further extending bike-handling, core cycling and group riding skills; such as effective braking and cornering, the correct use of gears; working together and basic racing skills.

To participate fully in the intermediate sessions, children will need a bike with gears, that is in full working order.

Children are the responsibility of parents or guardians until the start of the session and from the finish of the session.

Cost: £5 per child
Space is limited to eight children per session, so please book in advance to guarantee a space.

Select the sessions you want to attend, or sign-up for all five sessions and get a 20% discount.